Parallel service ethics

Our business is designed around catering competitive markets. If there’s one thing that’s great for business it’s a competitive market. Strong competition forces you to rise above yourself and fully commit to creating the most value. We’d even go as far as to say that great business can’t do without competition. We know; it’s what got us to thrive all these years as well, but also because we service clients who are competitive players in their respective market… Wait, doesn’t that create a conflict of interest?

Well… no.

Like we said; we believe competitive markets are essential for great business, so we designed the way we work to be able to cater to it. We want our clients to do great!
That means we go through great lengths to ensure competitive clients can coexist freely within our service. For us there’s no real conflict between different clients we service, because for that to happen they should actually be able to meet each other.
But they don’t! We make sure of that.

For one, we have more than enough specialists in house to fully service every client parallel of each other.

Secondly the availability, integrity and confidentiality of all customer data is safeguarded to the maximum degree. Thirdly we’ve established separate, client-dedicated areas within our offices, just to emphasize how careful we operate. We even have ‘quarantine periods’ for employees who’ve been working dedicatedly for a client.
Finally – to be absolutely sure – we’ve written everything down in a quality assurance system and expose ourselves to regular external, independent audits.

If you’d like more details on our Information Security Management System, Data Security and Parallel Service Ethics, you can read all about it here.
It’s kind of a long read, but it’s all there.

But, in the end, talk is cheap. So you’re more than welcome to swing by our offices and test us! We’ll gladly show you around and how we handle things.