A look at loyalty

Society changes faster than ever before, new technologies, touch points and startups change the way we do business with each other. Nowadays, in order to retain the customer more is needed than just a high quality product or service. Exceeding expectations is becoming a natural requirement. Therefore you need to know who your customers are, what they purchase, what they want and how to provide this to them. In order to do this, we need data of the customer!

That is where a loyalty program comes in, an initiative which has the main purpose of collecting data in order to create loyal customers. A loyalty program is nowadays an advanced system that complements the marketer's mind as it facilitates the recognition of your customers.

At Oxyma we have developed the Loyalty Loop. The Loyalty Loop guides you through the steps that are needed to implement a data driven loyalty program. Together with the marketing technology of today, the Loyalty Loop helps to realize a seamless omni-channel experience to maximize customer value.

National television

We have been given the opportunity to talk about loyalty programs and our Loyalty Loop on national television in The Netherlands. Our Managing Consultant Raymon de Kruijff will discuss loyalty in a program called “Ondernemend Nederland“. It will broadcast Sunday 22nd of January, 09.55 – 10.25h at RTL7.

The Loyalty Loop steps

The Loyalty Loop consists of 5 fundamental steps that you have to acknowledge in your loyalty program to make it successful. These steps are:

  1. Starting point: recognition of your customer.
  2. A touchpoint with your company produces data that can be analyzed.
  3. Analysis enables insights on how to customize the rewards.
  4. We can increase engagement by adding a customer experience.
  5. Experiences can be improved continuously so never stop experimenting.

Are you curious about loyalty programs and our Loyalty Loop? We will release our Loyalty whitepaper soon. Leave your name and email address below and we will send it to you.

Our loyalty survey – 14 insights on loyalty programs

We have conducted a survey about loyalty programs in the Dutch market amongst 165 organizations. All insights have been summed up into an infographic. Curious to find out what the 14 insights on loyalty programs are? Download the infographic 14 insights on loyalty programs.


Do you want to know more about loyalty programs? Please contact info@oxyma.nl and we will get in touch with you.

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