Case: marlies|dekkers

In 2016 we had the privilege to meet with the leadership team of marlies|dekkers. During this meeting the basis for a long term partnership was created. The fundamentals of the partnership were to innovate and learn from each other whilst growing customer value at marlies|dekkers.

Together with Jerome Orlemans, Head of Ecommerce at marlies|dekkers we drafted a data driven CRM roadmap and started with testing several hypothesis. One of them was that a data driven approach on cross/up-sell e-mails creates a significant uplift on sales. To prove this hypothesis we created prediction and segmentation models that we could use in our digital marketing. We tested the (data)models to measure the effect. The effect was a significantly higher sales realization due to the e-mail; hypothesis proven!

Another hypothesis came after analysis of the welcome phase in the customer life-cycle. We tested what the effect was of a shift from sales driven to service and brand driven communication. The idea came from the insight that a ‘soft landing’ to explain the brand values of marlies|dekkers during the welcome phase, would contribute to a better understanding of the brand and increase sales by telling the marlies|dekkers story. The results were a very large increase in sales with prospects. Not only conversion but also on average order value and on repeat sales.

In 2016 and 2017 many more data driven hypothesis were drafted and tested. Some of them had a positive effect, others limited effect. The data driven approach was a case well proven and had a positive effect on customer value. The only challenge with the data driven approach was that the IT and data landscape was fragmented, thus causing a lot of manual work to realize these data driven campaigns.

Time for the next step; an integrated CRM automation platform. We started an analysis looking for solutions that fitted with the marlies|dekkers brand, her brand values and ambitions to achieve scalable growth in multiple countries. The result of our analysis was that Salesforce had the right fit on all areas. As marlies|dekkers was already using the commerce platform, adding the Marketing and Service cloud to create one integrated platform was our next step in the data driven roadmap. Stay tuned, we will tell you more about this platform in the next blog.

Do you want to know more about the case or get more information on how the CRM tool selection was done? Contact Veronique d’Hooghe, our Consultant or Nikolaj Kiepe, our Consultant.

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