Case: Mazda

This year we published a few of our cases in the Emerce eGuide 2017. Now, we’d like to share some of these cases with you! This week we show you how Oogst by Oxyma used a Data Management Platform to help Mazda map their consumers.

The goal

In July 2016, Mazda announced they will introduce the new Mazda3 in January 2017. The goal of the campaign was to collect and effectively use the target group data for the launch campaign of the Mazda3.


Oogst by Oxyma was responsible for the launch campaign for the new Mazda3. Since the announcement in July 2016, target groups of possible interested consumers and business drivers were built, by means of the Data Management Platform Relay42. Relevant consumer profile data was collected from various interactions on website pages, such as news and product pages and in the car configurator of the existing Mazda3. This formed the basis of a smart targeting strategy.

The introduction of the new Mazda3 knew three phases:

  • Engagement images on the website: website visitors could get to know the new Mazda from July 2016 on.
  • ‘Keep me informed’ lead campaign: from July 2016 leads were collected from existing Mazda3 drivers.
  • Launch: from January 2017, ads were shown via display, video and social. On the basis of geo data from profiles, the closest car dealer was shown in the ad.

The target information was immediately available during the launch campaign and was used in the targeting strategy via display (AD,, video advertising and social advertising. Reached consumers and business drivers were linked to the most relevant Mazda dealer based on their location or home address.

The result

Next to the increase in search volume, the campaign resulted in 40% more Mazda3 configurations and 86% more leads for the model – compared to periods without campaigning. Another positive effect was the 17% high banner interaction (e.g. changing the color of the car).

About Mazda

Mazda is not your average car manufacturer. This is due to the many challenges of the past, but also the unique way the Mazda employees look at the world. While others stick to conventions, Mazda rather chooses the unconventional approach to continuously improve.

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