Case: Red Cross

A few of our cases are published in this year’s Emerce eGuide 2017. We love to share these cases with you! This week we’d like to tell you how aFrogleap by Oxyma developed a first aid platform for the Red Cross.

The goal

The Red Cross is committed to enlarge the self-reliance of communities.


aFrogleap by Oxyma developed a first aid platform for the Red Cross. This platform exists of smartphone and tablet apps, a CPR-app for the Apple Watch and an AED-location database + API. Thanks to the first aid app you have instructions in your back pocket for any emergency situations that may occur. If you’re not able to perform first aid, the app shows you the nearest AED location or first aid post. The app has a spoken hands free instruction option for emergency situations.


The Apple Watch CPR app. The Red Cross is now testing this beta project. It supports you during CPR by giving the correct rhythm via watch vibrations.


Fifty people use the app during CPR on a yearly basis. The first aid platform has won prizes for ‘best health apps’. The Red Cross first aid app has over 1.5 million downloads since 2011. And still, every month the app can count on 13,000 downloads. The platform is continuously being tweaked. Every month the apps hosts about 60,000 sessions.

About the Red Cross

The Red Cross is the biggest emergency volunteer network of the world. They take action during an emergency situation, disasters and conflicts. Volunteers and Red Cross associations in over 190 countries work together to strengthen communities before, during and after crisis situations.

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