Case: Zilveren Kruis

This year we published a few of our cases in the Emerce eGuide 2017. Now, we’d like to share some of these cases with you! This week we tell you how Your Social by Oxyma helped our client Zilveren Kruis in reaching youngsters.

The goal

The Dutch healthcare insurance company Zilveren Kruis wants to reach young people between 18 and 25 years old so they choose Zilveren Kruis during the insurance transition phase at the end of every year.


Based on insights, Your Social by Oxyma developed a digital campaign with influencers on Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The approach: “We are Zilveren Kruis. We know you like to fool around, better make sure you’re well insured.” The kickoff video and animated GIF’s created an enormous reach and awareness on Facebook. After that, influencers reached their followers through their own social channels. Traffic ads provided conversion.


Influencers on Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram create buzz and support the campaign with self-made content creation and distribution: JayJay Boske, Denise Kolk & Lienke of Dear Good Morning.


An effective campaign, partly because of the intelligent media strategy: with a low CPM 55% of the target group was reached, over 15,000 website visitors and 0(!) negative feedback. The result? A transition phase percentage growth of 42% within the 18-25 target group (from 14% tot 20%)!

About Zilveren Kruis

With over 3,3 million insured people Zilveren Kruis is one of the biggest healthcare insurance companies in the Netherlands, providing for quality healthcare and striving for vitality.

Watch the campaign video below

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