Initial interview #1

We are adding lots of smart, fun and awesome people to our team and we want to share some of this with you as they are all of unique value for Oxyma! This is why we’ll be posting an interview with a new employee every month from now on.

Wieke Boonstra, our new Marketing Intelligence (MI) intern, has the honour to open the series of Initial interviews.

It’s good to have you here Wieke, welcome! How did you like your very first few weeks here at Oxyma and was there something that really stood out for you?

I really liked my first weeks, I got to do some interesting assignments to get acquainted with the MI-work. The vibe here at the office stood out for me, for sure! By participating in the bootcamps, you get to know a lot of people from different departments.

What will you be doing during the coming months of your internship?

As already said, I will be working within the Marketing Intelligence department, looking for interesting connections and other useful statistics for our clients in the huge amount of data we have. PL/SQL and I aren’t friends yet, however with help from my MI-colleagues and Google, I think I can get quite far. At this point I’m working on a Customer Insights project for Vodafone and NS. The first results show the different paths a customer can take to get in different states, such as conversion and opt-out.

You’ve followed most of the bootcamps so far to get you in the excellent Oxyma-shape and to learn about all the interesting things we do here at the office. What is your key takeaway from one of these bootcamps?

You’re right, the bootcamps are really useful to get me ‘in shape’ and to learn about Oxyma as a company and their way of ‘creating customer value’. I learnt a variety of things from the bootcamps, some of them were administrative and some were more comprehensible. What really stood out for me was the fact that they stimulate personal and professional growth from all different angles within the company. This is both in the form of business expansion, but also learning new tools within teams and personal growth.

What is your favorite spot here in Rotterdam?

Every week, I look forward to the Binnenrotte Center market (near Blaak). I really like the vibe there on a Saturday morning and always get some fresh avocados within the crowd of people who are there for a bite or their weekly vegetable and fruit groceries. After this, I drink a good cup of coffee at NOC NOC. That’s my favourite Saturday morning!

Let’s finish with a dilemma question; Offline or online?

Offline! I’m that kind of person that forgets her phone and realizes this by the end of the day. I like being up to date with the things my friends and family do and the news, however I prefer personal contact.

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