Interview #10 with our Business Development Manager Eric

It’s time for another initial interview with one of our new talents. This month, we had coffee with our new Business Development Manager. He shared his first months with us and tells us what his personal challenges are. Welcome to the Oxyma family!

Hi Eric! What made you enthusiastic about the role of Business Development Manager at Oxyma?

Marketing solutions and services have always been a central theme throughout my career. I have been focusing on loyalty topics as well as marketing applications. At Oxyma all these topics are brought together, making it the ideal working environment for me. The fact that we have a very wide area of expertise within the Oxyma Group, covering both CRM, Online, Mobile, Social as Loyalty, made the choice even easier. During the interviews I have had some really good conversations with some of the colleagues at Oxyma. I really matched with them and the open culture at Oxyma.

What is your biggest challenge in this job?

The wideness of solutions that we offer are also my biggest challenge. We have a lot of specialists in-house at Oxyma. However, I believe that being part of ‘business development’ requires me to have a certain level of knowledge on all subjects. Working on increasing this level of knowledge has had my focus over the last period. In addition, I think it’s a great challenge to share the Oxyma proposition with the market. I’ve noticed that we have quite a name as being specialized in email marketing and campaign support. But less known is the fact that we are more and more consulting our customers on a strategic level. What makes us unique is that we support our customers on both a strategic, tactical and operational level on a wide range of marketing related subjects. This is already showing in the wide variety of customers we have. Successfully sharing this with the market, is a challenge I am happy to take.

Can you describe how an average work week for a Business Development Manager looks like?

Not one week is the same, but there are some main ingredients. It consists of introducing Oxyma to new accounts, which is largely done via our broad network and our presence at events. Luckily a lot of people know how to find Oxyma themselves. Besides enlarging my network, we are working with our prospects and customers to support their business cases and presenting our solutions. Since we are technology-driven, we are also in close contact with all of our vendors. And of course the necessary internal sessions to stay up to date.

If you have to describe the atmosphere at Oxyma, how would you do so?

In my opinion it is a perfect mix between a relaxed atmosphere and a professional ‘getting things done’ mentality. I particularly like the fact that new gained knowledge is quickly shared via internal sessions and networks, keeping everybody up to date.

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