Interview #2 with our new consultant Wouter Kelderman

It’s time for another Initial Interview as we are adding lots of smart, fun and awesome people to our team and we want to share some of this awesomeness with you! Let us introduce Wouter Kelderman, our latest addition to the consultancy team and a fan of our scooters as you can see, to you for Initial Interview #2!

What was the main reason for you to choose for Oxyma as your new employer?

There were two reasons for me to choose Oxyma; on the one hand, the ambitions Oxyma has appealed to me. I have a strong belief that the abilities of Oxyma add significant value in the world of omni-channel marketing, customer experience design and customer life cycle management. On the other hand, I felt like I had a good cultural fit with the company; an informal, ‘’gezellig’’ and hardworking company that has good Friday afternoon drinks!

interview2_Wouter_Kelderman2How did you like your very first week here at Oxyma and was there something that really stood out for you?

It has been very intense, but I have learnt a lot so far. I am mainly absorbing lots of information about the company, our services, culture, etc. The knowledge I have gained so far really makes me enthusiastic to start working with my new ideas. Seeing things where I could add value to and the positive vibe around here also makes me excited to start working. One funny thing that really stood out for me is the scooter they use here in the office. I already noticed it during my job interview and I always see people riding around on it. Regarding the work we do here, I noticed so many different activities going on within one company, I never expected that. Some are building an international campaign tool for Unilever Food Solutions, others are sending out campaigns for NS and some are designing an interactive journey for BMW in collaboration with aFrogleap.

What is your main area of interest within marketing/consultancy?

Within a business you have strategical, tactical and operational levels. I’m interested in making the transition from mission, vision, brand value (so strategy) to customer life cycles (yep, that’s the tactical level). How can you create a long-lasting customer relationship for example. This also includes designing a customer journey/experience and (re)designing processes or channels consistent with the customer needs or implement customer feedback management for realizing continuous improvements on NPS or customer value.

Do you have some ultimate favourites here in Rotterdam?

My all-time favorite is the Kralingse Plas. I come here often to relax, run or cycle. In a busy city like Rotterdam, the Kralingse Plas is special; hardly no noise of traffic and a good place to just sit, bbq and watch people. Another personal favourite is the Fenix Food Factory, this is a laidback alternative for the more touristic Markthal. Everything here is fresh and local, most of the food and drinks are even made right in front of you.

You just got back from an adventurous trip through Central-America, why did you decide to do this?

I decided to do this, because I wanted to discover the world and not just be busy with my career. The plan was to travel around Central-America for three months, in the end I came back after thirteen months. It’s addictive! At some point, you are really into the traveling; a new environment, new people and wow-experiences almost every day. This encouraged me to stay a little longer 🙂 Backpacking puts you outside your comfort zone, where you learn a lot about yourself and also learn to appreciate what you have.

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