Interview #3 with our new CFO Thierry Peek

We are still growing and growing as you might have noticed with our recent acquisition of Your Social and the new people being added to our team of heroes! Meet Thierry Peek, our new CFO, for the third interview in the Initial Interview series. He has definitely had a good start at Oxyma so far!

Why did you decide to choose for Oxyma as your new employer?

Oxyma has a lot to offer as an employer. During the first interviews I had with Ronald (Morcus, our CEO) and Jos (van Loo, our managing director), there was an immediate click with them and the company. Prior to my first interview, I gained as much information as possible about Oxyma. A surprising thing for me during that search was the election of ‘’Best managed company’’. Add this fact to the other information I received from the recruitment agency and my enthusiasm was fueled a lot! After the interviews I also noticed there was a cultural fit, Oxyma has promising ambitions and there were personal development opportunities. How could I not be eager to work here?!

How did you like your very first week here at Oxyma and was there something that really stood out for you?

My first week had quite some specialties as I attended the Company Incentive weekend to Vestrock festival and as if we did not party enough during that weekend, we had the acquisition of Your Social a few days later! During my first days here at Oxyma, I’ve seen a lot of enthusiast and helpful colleagues. Culture is highly important within Oxyma.

What do you hope to add to the Oxyma-team as our newest CFO?

As CFO, I expect to contribute to further development of the Oxyma Group and then mainly focused on its financial side. This holds for both the organization and employees. One of the goals is to bring the financial departments/functions close to the business. This will help everyone within the organization to make the right decisions with the right (financial) information. Hereby, our active buy-and-build strategy and the omni-channel focus are important topics. This buy-and-build strategy requires high-quality and flexible supporting systems and procedures. We will work on further standardization and improvements within these areas. All these improvements will enable the future growth of our business performance.

What do you think of Rotterdam as a city and do you have some favorite spots here?

Rotterdam is a city with many beautiful places. I really like driving into Rotterdam in the morning along the Maasboulevard and looking across the water to the 010 skyline with its famous bridges and the combination of new and old buildings. Unilever’s office really stands out here with its inspirational mix of old and new. Do you recognize one of the most impressive new buildings in Rotterdam on the picture above?* And if you look really, really close, you see me wearing the famous Oxyma sunnies on this picture. They’re also spotted on some of the pictures below!

You just got back from our yearly, phenomenal Company Incentive weekend! We went to Vestrock Festival with all colleagues this year. Did you have fun?

Vestrock was planned on my third (!) working day and of course this was the perfect occasion to get to know many new colleagues in an informal setting. Even though some more sunshine would have been nice during the weekend, I had good fun! I’ve been able to really see what the factor ‘’fun’’ means for Oxyma. In short, a really inspiring start!

* For those who wondered what building we were talking about, as Rotterdam has so many imposing buildings. It’s ”De Rotterdam” on the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, designed by Rem Koolhaas. The complex has 44 floors with a total floor space area of about 160 000 m², which makes it the largest building in the Netherlands.


We definitely had fun at Oxyma Company Incentive 2016 @ Vestrock with all colleagues

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