Interview #5 with our Trainee Liesbeth Roobol

At Oxyma we love to attract young talent and provide opportunities to learn more about the marketing field. Therefore, we have designed a traineeship of two years to learn everything about the different positions you can pursue at Oxyma. Liesbeth Roobol is one of our trainees and has just started her second year of the program. She’s excited to share with us how she has been experiencing her traineeship at Oxyma.

Can you tell us something about Oxyma as your employer?

The first word that pops into my mind is ‘personal’. For me, Oxyma is a great employer. They provide you with challenges and trainings to develop you further as an individual and to learn more about the business you’re working in. What I also find really motivating is the working environment. It’s very friendly, the people are open minded and everyone is open for questions and suggestions or willing to help you. Most important of all is that Oxyma looks at what motivates you as a person, and tries to find the best position suited for you where you are the happiest.

Can you describe what a day at Oxyma looks like for you?

I’m a Trainee, which means that over the course of two years I work on different positions. I’m in my second year of the program and currently I’m assisting the Process Manager and Service Manager for our client Air France-KLM. Most of the work that we do is for their loyalty program Flying Blue. With regards to process management, the work involves coordination of the team, coordination of the work, creating a plan, but also about how we can improve the process and work more efficiently with each other and the customer. With regards to service management I’m focusing on how we can measure the way we work and how we are improving. Not a single day is the same. This week, I’m focused on creating a file report for Flying Blue in which they can see the actual status of all their email campaigns. I’m also preparing a training for the campaign managers at Flying Blue on how to use the tool to create a proper briefing. Other weeks I’m more involved in coordination and planning, so it’s very diverse.

Besides the traineeship, I’m also involved in an internal project called Oxyma 2020 Develop Group. Within this project we brainstorm and implement new ideas on how we can foster development, motivate our colleagues to develop, how to give them tools to think about their development and how they can take responsibility for it. We aim to reach our goal by 2020, which explains the name.

What has been your favorite project so far?

This year I’ve worked for Air France-KLM. I think one of the most challenging and interesting projects for me was the EMS (Electronic Mileage Summary). This email is the biggest campaign of Flying Blue and is sent every two months to 251 countries. It gives an update on how many miles you have collected. In this email we have to create seven to nine different offers and additional news items. Each Flying Blue member can receive a maximum of three offers, so there are a lot of different combinations based on personal targeting. It’s usually a big challenge to plan and coordinate the process to make sure it’s completed in time.

What is your favorite spot in Rotterdam?

One of my favorite places in the world is New York. What does that have to do with Rotterdam? Rotterdam has been building a lot of skyscrapers lately, and to me the Wilhelminapier reminds me the most of New York. I also love the atmosphere, the shops and the restaurants there, so that would be my favorite spot in Rotterdam.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

At the top of my bucket list is to attend a Formula 1 race. As a young girl I’ve inherited my family’s (mostly my father and uncles) passion for cars. I have a special passion for Formula 1, so I’m very excited the season is starting again. I would be cheering for Ferrari and then Max, so yes… that’s at the top of my bucket list!

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