Interview #6 with our Consultant Leon

Initial Interview with our Consultant Leon Molenkamp
It’s time for another Initial Interview as we are adding lots of smart, fun and talented people to the Oxyma family. This time we introduce our new Consultant Leon Molenkamp to you. He’s here to share with us how he’s experiencing working for Oxyma so far.

Hi Leon! We’re very glad to have you as our colleague. Why did you decide to choose for Oxyma?

First of all, I was looking for an organization where I would be able to advise clients regarding marketing, new technologies and related developments that are occurring nowadays. During my former job, I already met with Oxyma and its work. So at the time I realized that it was time for me to find a new employer, Oxyma topped the list. I was glad that this interest was mutual and that I could start getting to know Oxyma and its people even better. In the several conversations I had before joining Oxyma, it became clear to me that Oxyma is full of possibilities and promising ambitions. The ambitions we discussed and the role that I could play in working towards these ambitions were very appealing to me. Besides all of this, the company culture and development possibilities for me as a person seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. All together it made me decide to go for Oxyma as my new employer.

You’ve worked at Oxyma for a few months now. How do you like it?

The first months were full of introductions with colleagues, ways of working, cases and propositions. I am very glad that the expectations and hopes I had prior to joining Oxyma are justified and that I can develop myself and at the same time add value for Oxyma and our clients. Furthermore, the company culture is great for a person like me. I believe that Oxyma has a group of employees who are willing to take that extra step for our clients and do whatever we can to be successful for them and with them. At the same time there is room and time for fun! In my first weeks at Oxyma we had our company incentive weekend, a barbecue night including a little party and regular Friday afternoon drinks. This combination of working hard while enjoying fun times enabled me to get to know my colleagues in only a few weeks and made me feel comfortable and welcome.

What are your activities as a Consultant?

As a Marketing Consultant at Oxyma, my daily tasks focus on advising our clients about improving their marketing efforts, as well as inspiring our clients about what is coming. So, to be more precise: I am performing an analysis about what we can do for our clients to help them reach their marketing goals. Also, I’m sharing my ideas and experiences in brainstorm sessions or workshops with our clients and advising our clients during meetings or presentations.

Do you have a favorite place in Rotterdam?

My favorite place to go to in my spare time is the Kralingse Plas. Since it is only 500 meters from where I’m living, it offers me the possibility to have a great run, a walk or have a beer at one of the terraces located around the lake. In addition, I also love to go to the Erasmusbrug and Boompjes area, a great place to see the impressive skyline of Rotterdam.

What is on your bucket list?

Visiting the ‘Superclásico’ football match in Buenos Aires between Boca Juniors and River Plate! Furthermore, I like to travel and will definitely visit some more beautiful countries like Iran, New Zealand and South-Africa.

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