Interview #11 with our campaign manager and former trainee Tessa Helderman

Tessa Helderman started working at Oxyma as a trainee. At Oxyma we love to innovate, improve and attract talent to join us. As a part of that, we designed a traineeship to learn all about the different positions at Oxyma. Tessa has been our first Account Executive Trainee, after finishing this traineeship she started working as a campaign manager. Today she’s here to share her experience both as a trainee and a campaign manager with us.

Hi Tessa! You have been an Account Executive trainee at Oxyma before you started working as a campaign manager. How did you experience the traineeship?

I really enjoyed the traineeship. Especially because from the moment I started, I joined the Vodafone team which is a team with both young and experienced people. In this group of fun people I learned so much already in the first year. As a trainee you start with the basics, which gives you a good all-round view. You get to know the client, the data and the different ways in which you can approach your client. Besides that you get the opportunity to learn from different experts. Therefore, you are able to orientate on different fields of expertise. This comes really in handy for your future career and is also exciting! I personally believe that it is important to get to know the basics before you can give your client the right advice. In the second year of the traineeship you can choose to specialize in process management, project management or campaign management. I chose to specialize in campaign management, this was the best fit for me. The traineeship gave me a lot of opportunities and you can self-regulate in which way you want to develop yourself.

After your traineeship you became a campaign manager. How are you experiencing this, thus far?

It is really great, I get to learn something new every day. I am happy that I have a solid basis from the traineeship. This helps me in my job as a campaign manager. I know exactly where the campaigns consists off and therefore, I am able to give the best specific advice. This makes you a perfect sparring partner for the client, you can learn a lot from each other. I like that you can really anticipate on certain situations. For example, if a client gives their KPI’s you can adjust your advice to this and give new ideas and different kind of angles in which they can look at their campaign. The thing that I like the most about my job is the interaction and collaboration with the client. You work together to a solution; the client gives you an issue to solve and with our knowledge and expertise we come to awesome solutions together.

What do you think of Oxyma as your employer?

I like working for Oxyma, not only because we do a lot of innovative things. It’s also about the work environment here. I believe that Oxyma creates a work hard and play hard environment. Oxyma is a very social place with an informal setting. People are willing to help you and learn from each other. This creates a lot of opportunities and makes it really fun. Everybody is thinking forward, instead of holding back when something is changing. Besides that, it’s a fun group of people with whom I often go out for a drink. They’re not just my colleagues, I see them as a part of my social group as well.

If you have to choose a highlight at Oxyma so far, what would it be?

With the merge of Vodafone and Ziggo, we launched the announcement campaign. In which we communicate all the benefits for Vodafone and Ziggo customers. During this campaign I was still a trainee, but I took the campaign management roll more and more during that time. It was an extremely intense period of time. Afterwards, it was a very educational, stressful but mostly fun time. It was definitely the work hard part of my job. Considering the play hard part, I also really enjoyed our yearly company incentive festival weekend. By that time I was a trainee for two months, I only knew a few people. But in that weekend I got to know almost the entire company. It was nice to get to know my colleagues this way! This really comes in handy for future collaborations.

Before you started your traineeship at Oxyma, you traveled in South-America. Do you have any tips or must-sees for travelers amongst us?

I think South-America is such a nice place to go, the people are so nice. I especially liked Colombia, it’s really beautiful! I also went to Bolivia to climb the highest mountain there (6100 m). It was a challenge, but so worth it. If you like to climb mountains or be active, this is something you should really do.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2018?

I do not have one specific ‘New Year resolution’, I just keep enjoying the little things in life and take every opportunity to learn something new.

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