Interview #7 with our Campaign Manager Judith

The Oxyma family keeps on growing as we are adding lots of fun and talented people. Each month we interview one of our new employees to share their experience with you. This month we interviewed our new Campaign Manager Judith.

Hi Judith! Before you started working at Oxyma, did you have an idea what the work environment here would be like?

I think I did, because I had quite a few interviews and I used to work with Oxyma when I was working at one of their customers. Normally it doesn’t go like this, but my interview period was quite special. I had my first interview with Johan, the Managing Director, 4 years ago. That was when Oxyma had a different name, 2organize. After that first interview with Johan, I had 3 interviews along the way. Eventually, a year and a half ago we agreed I would start working at Oxyma. But, then my husband got offered a job in South-Africa and we decided to move there. I always kept in touch with Oxyma, and now I finally started here after 4 years! Because I had already worked with Oxyma before, I had a good impression of what the company and the people would be like.

What was that impression?

My first impression was that it’s a new type of marketing agency. I like the combination of marketing and technology. I think that’s the future of marketing: combining data technology with marketing. I’ve always found that very fascinating. Because I have worked on the customer’s side with Oxyma, I always saw just a part of Oxyma as a company. But I wanted to be a part of Oxyma as an employee.

You have been working at Oxyma for 2 months now. How are you experiencing it?

I think, compared to the jobs I’ve had before, this is the first one that really matches my expectations. I definitely recognize the new technologies, the young people and the dynamics. Pretty much everything that I expected before. I really enjoyed the trainings about the company we had in the first weeks. It gives you the opportunity to start working relatively slowly, which is nice. I got placed on a project after 3 weeks, pretty early on. It’s quite hectic at the moment, but I like that about Oxyma as well. My first two months at Oxyma worked out great for me. Besides that, everyone is very welcoming! So, to summarize: the first two weeks I got to know all of my colleagues while drinking coffee, the next two weeks I had different trainings and from that moment on I started working in the VodafoneZiggo team.

What is your favorite part about being a Campaign Manager?

My favorite part, which was also part of the reason why I wanted to work at Oxyma, is that it requires working with internal and external teams to create the best campaign for the client. It’s about connecting the dots. The variety makes it interesting for me. The role as a Campaign Manager at Oxyma is not a set role with a beginning and an end. Your daily tasks very much depend on the client you work for, the type of job and you’re always working as a part of the customer service team. Your daily tasks also depend on your personal strengths and interests. Compared to my previous jobs, the role was always defined. At Oxyma, I am flexible to take on different projects even though something might not be ‘suited’ for the role as a Campaign Manager.

What has been a great learning moment for you these past two months?

There’s definitely more than one! In the first two weeks you get a lot of information from different people, which is great, but I really liked my first day when I actually started working and became billable! The biggest learning moment for me was actually working on the agency side. Before, I only worked on the client’s side and now I can use that experience here.

You used to live in Cape Town. What is the biggest difference between Cape Town and Rotterdam?

The main difference, or I should rephrase that as the main benefit, is that it disrupts you from your life. Moving your whole family and completely changing your daily routine makes you reflect on all the things you take for granted. Everything you thought was normal, isn’t normal anymore. In a way, coming back to Holland and starting to work here is kind of the same feeling. It’s starting a new routine again. That’s the benefit, because it made me look at things differently. I think that we do the same thing at Oxyma. We go to a client who’s been doing things the same way, in the same routine. We try to break the pattern and make them look at things differently. The biggest difference between the countries is that we tend to structure things in Holland. We have a lot of processes, which sometimes can be frustrating! But it also gives you something to rely on.

Last, but not least: do you have tips for anyone visiting Cape Town?

First of all, if you haven’t been to Cape Town: do so! Personally, I can’t wait to visit again. The nature, the climate, the people… it’s amazing. If you go to Cape Town, you should definitely go to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. Also, try not to limit it to only Cape Town, but also see the surroundings. In only a two-hour drive, you’re in the middle of nowhere and have a completely different experience. For more personal tips, you can always ask me!

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