Interview #8 with our Senior Data Strategist Remco

It’s time for another Initial Interview as we are adding lots of fun and talented people to the Oxyma family. Each month we interview one of our new employees to share their experience with you. This month we interviewed our new Senior Data Strategist Remco.

Hi Remco! What triggered you about the position of a Senior Data Strategist at Oxyma?

There are two reasons why I chose for this position at Oxyma. On Oxyma’s roadmap for the future, Insights will play a fundamental part. So on the one hand I see an interesting future ahead of the Insights team. On the other hand, the variety of the work in this position appeals to me. The position is business driven: how can Insights help existing and potential clients achieve better results? The position is also about coaching the Insights team. We have an ambitious team of Data Scientists and Analysts, but the real challenge is to further grow as a team without losing the quality and culture we have now. So, especially the combination of business and coaching the team triggered me.

What’s it like to work with people who can predict pretty much anything on customer behavior?

It’s great! The team exists of very good experts. They all have a background in econometrics and a great interest in technology. Besides that, we have data-creativity in our team which enables us to take on a lot of different projects. Not only are they very smart, they have great humor as well. I like that. The fun factor in a job is just as important to me as the professional factor.

You have been working at Oxyma for a month now. How are you experiencing it?

It feels like I’m at home, I’m in the right place. I notice that everybody wants to get to know new colleagues. Of course I’m trying to get to know all 350 of them (I’m not there yet), but I feel like they all really want to get to know me as well. It’s great to have the possibility to both talk about professional subjects as subjects out of business. There’s a good balance, I appreciate that.

You were part of the Emerce eDay crew. What was it like to be present at this event?

A great opportunity, because I met some colleagues I hadn’t met before and at the same time I could talk to visitors of the event. The whole day was exciting with a lot of inspiration. I also liked the presentation of Serge and Noor (Sex Sells); it was nice to experience how it all comes together. Not too bad either: we had a good after party.

What makes your heart beat faster as a Senior Data Strategist?

It all starts with data, but transforming data into insights and developing it into action, that’s what makes it so interesting. If you look at what you can achieve with a team when you make decisions based on data or how you can surprise a client in a way they didn’t have in mind or they didn’t know about their brand or customers… That really makes my heart beat faster. As I use to say: “Insights are the basis, measurable added value is the result”.

Last, but not least: a dilemma question. Do you think Artificial Intelligence will take over the role of a marketer?

I think Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over some of our tasks. AI will mainly take over the larger part of the easier and repetitive tasks that have to be performed in a short time. But the human creativity part will always be crucial in the process. There’s a lot you can’t teach AI, things that require input and creativity from the marketer.

So, there is a future for marketers?

There’s a bright future for marketers.

Do you want to know more about what the Insights team of Oxyma can do for you? Contact Remco Weijers +31682355784 or

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