Interview #9 with our Art Director Didric

Each month we welcome new employees to the Oxyma family. Two months ago our new Art Director Didric joined Oxyma. In this interview he shares his favorite project, experiences and impressions so far.

Hi Didric! You are an Art Director at Oxyma. What is your background as a designer?

I started as an Industrial Designer, but I quickly came to the realization it wasn’t exactly what I was interested in, so I switched to the Art Academy. I graduated as an artist. My graduation project was a music video animation. This combined my interest in music and video & design. Not too bad either: this project got me my first job as a graphic and video designer. After that, I’ve done freelance projects for agencies for a couple of years. Then I started at Notice Branded Media as a video designer. I did that for a couple of years as well. Soon I was Head video designer and after that Head of the creative department. My main focus and passion is in graphic and video. Quite a story, but that’s my background.

That’s a background indeed. How did you find Oxyma?

I found Oxyma through a friend. She works at aFrogleap by Oxyma. I applied for a job there which didn’t really fit my profile, but I liked the company a lot. She sent my resume to Serge van Marion (Creative Director at Oxyma) and one thing led to another, and now I’m here!

You have been working at Oxyma for two months now. What has been your coolest project since you work here?

My first project was very nice, because it was a great way to get to know the company. It was a project for eDay and it combined a lot of my skills that I have developed over the past years. I designed a big game and video that involved a lot of colleagues. I think it touches the soul of Oxyma and that was good for me to get to know the company. Right now I’m working for T-Mobile, which is also very nice. The aim is to communicate with their client base in the best way possible, and I think I have a very interesting role in that project. To actually… I think both projects I have been working on so far are very cool!

How do you like working at Oxyma?

It’s great! I really like the vibe and enthusiasm that I find in all of our colleagues. We’re ambitious and ahead of technology. There’s still a lot to gain in the creative department, so there’s a lot of space for me to develop. We can grow as a team, that’s interesting.

What makes a project fascinating for you?

A project is fascinating for me when I can be a part of the process from concept to execution. I really like to brainstorm about a concept before I start designing it, so I like to be a part of that process as well.

You had your first Oxyma party a month ago, the Great Gatsby Party. What did you think of this party?

It was really cool! I was really surprised by the way Oxyma organized the party. Everything was arranged in the right theme: from the food to the drinks to the music. The location was great, everything was decorated in detail. Also, all the colleagues dressed up! I really got to know Oxyma a little better.

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