Looking back on an amazing three-day ICOM mission!

A few weeks ago, Rotterdam was the stage of an international three-day conference about omni-channel marketing and data-driven journeys. ICOM is an independent marketing communications networks with members from all over the world, empowering global collaboration. We took 50 fellow ICOM members on a journey through the world of Oxyma, which is full of inspiration, information, creative chaos, brain power and above all, a true experience. Oxyma has taken the opportunity to host this yearly international conference to show the ICOM members what we are capable of, and that’s a lot if we believe the enthusiastic participants of #ICOMemea16!

Let’s take you on a mission….

The conference took off in Rotterdam with a European Business development session run by Christophe Levyfve (CEO, Netco Group) and David Longden (CEO, Golley Slater) and even included some speed dating with other ICOM members! After this, we literally reached space for an inspiring presentation from Dutch astronaut André Kuipers in the Euromast. He gave us some impressing insights into the life of an astronaut.

ICOM workshop session After a good night of sleep in the nhow hotel, we started the second day with an energizing session run by Arjan Grootenboer (CCO, Oxyma) about Oxyma and its future vision. David Linssen (Strategy Director, Edenspiekermann) and Mirella van den Berg (Procurement Manager marketing & ICT, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) took over and gave us some useful insights on how Edenspiekermann pitched for a new client in just one day. All agencies were give the case, had to prepare their pitch and present it in just one day. This new way of pitching proved very useful and efficient for both Schiphol and the agencies! Now it was time to start working on the Vodafone case in groups. The groups were very diverse in terms of culture and specialties, however the jury was impressed by the outcomes of the pitches. The jury consisted of industry experts from IBM, Vodafone NL, Vodafone Group and Oxyma. After some hard work, it was time to relax. And what is a better way to relax than in the massage chairs at the Oxyma office? Everyone got to know Oxyma a bit better by seeing the office and talking to some of the employees, agencies and one of their partners; IBM. Derick Wiesner (IBM) gave an enthusiastic presentation about IBM and the future.

During the final day of the conference, on Saturday Oct 22nd, it was time for the battle of the brains to discuss some interesting statements about the future of agencies that were already asked to everyone via the poll in the ICOM app. We landed back on earth from our three-day mission with an energizing presentation by international trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk. The main conclusion from this is that life will change radically in the coming 15 years and that agencies should be on the forefront of this. This inspiring journey ended with a bike and boat tour in Rotterdam to let our brain cool down and explore all the good things Rotterdam life has to offer.

The end of a beginning

All agency members went back home with lots of inspiration, ideas and new business opportunities. We, from Oxyma, have discussed many promising opportunities during these days with different ICOM members. To be continued!

Curious why Oxyma joined ICOM last year? Read the blog post from Ronald Morcus (CEO, Oxyma) here! We also catched some interest of the press during these days, including this article on Emerce’s website.

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