Looking for a great customer experience? Start with your employees!

The retail battlefield and major shifts in other markets demonstrate how important a flawless customer experience has become in this digital era. Successful companies focus on customer value, with profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as the most important key performance indicators. After all, sustainable success cannot be achieved without satisfied customers or – all too often underestimated – committed employees.


I believe that the more value a company has to its customers, the more valuable it becomes in general. In today’s digital world, customers demand a good experience and punish failure by sharing their bad experiences on social media. In the worst case scenario, they leave you for a competitor that does listen to their needs. And things won’t get any better for companies which persist in a one-sided approach of maximising profit and shareholder value while ignoring their customers and employees.


Happy customers recommend, trust, forgive, buy again and try new products. In my opinion, the Dutch consumer electronics retailer Coolblue is an example of a company that knows what it takes to create true customer value. With their strategy of ‘anything for a smile’ it focused on consumer happiness by means of well thought out order and delivery processes and smart data driven omni-channel marketing. Most importantly, however, Coolblue employees are truly committed. And, as the Temkin Group’s research in the United States showed, committed employees are 2.5 times more likely to work late, 3.3 times more likely to work hard and 3.4 times more likely to learn and improve.


Within our company we have a programme called Oxyma 2020, the driving force behind the way we are shaping our agency’s future. Next to a stream for innovation, market and customer development, the main programme stream is all about attracting, developing and retaining the best qualified and most engaged employees. Starting in 2000 with 40 people we have grown to more than 300 data-driven marketing and IT professionals in 2016.

Employees first

Although it may sound a bit odd, finding new clients has never been our biggest challenge. That honour goes to attracting and developing committed employees, which is basically our top priority for further growth. So when I discovered this video, I found myself in perfect agreement. For a great customer experience you start with your employees and not with your customers!

Watch the Temkin Group | Customer Experience Matter video below.


  1. Rianne Euwe

    In my last project, I had the pleasure of working with Oxyma and being on location 2 days a week. I can attest to the quality and passion of the employees, their professionalism and their determination to make things happen even when things get tough. A great company where the value of good employees is truly appreciated.