Masterclass Marketing Technology for Restart Network

The most valuable thing we can share as a company to new talents is our knowledge and experience on real-life business situations. A few weeks ago, the first official Marketing Technology Masterclass was held for Restart Network, giving us the chance to share our passion for marketing tech with a larger audience full of enthusiastic students!

By means of a workshop and various presentations, we welcomed a group of Restart’s students in the world of marketing automation, using cases and technology we work with on a daily bases.

Restart Tech School is an amazing local initiative in Rotterdam that helps people with difficulties entering the labor market by offering ‘Crowd Based Education’, a one year program to get prepared for a role in IT. The majority of the students are refugees, who typically have enjoyed higher education in their country of origin and have some working experience.

Tech Partner

Restart depends on tech centered companies – officially ‘Tech Partners’ – to make their program happen. The curriculum is supported by financial donations, the take-up of interns and by sharing knowledge in Masterclasses. Oxyma is proud to have become a Tech Partner for Restart and help people reach their full potential.

An important milestone in this collaboration was the start of Mohammad Abo Hassan as the first Restart student to enter a 6 month internship at Oxyma. Mohammad has been working with us for several months now, proving to be a very fast learner and already making a difference in several client projects! Next month Mohammad will tell us more about his experience at Oxyma, so keep posted.

Marketing Technology Masterclass

Besides welcoming and training talents like Mohammad, we are very happy to share our knowledge with a larger audience. A few weeks ago, the first Marketing Technology Masterclass was a fact. A group of 16 enthusiastic Restart students came to our office for a full day of marketing automation. The day was kicked-off by an introduction in the vast marketing technology landscape, followed by a more in-depth workshop on IBM Watson Campaign Automation, a popular marketing automation tool for many of our clients.

After an afternoon of hard work, Wouter Hosman (our head of innovation) took the stage to tell the group about new and promising developments in marketing – using interesting new technologies. To finish off, and after careful consideration, the student that created the most original e-mail template during the workshop was rewarded with a Bluetooth speaker!

Equal opportunities

At Oxyma, we are aware of our social responsibilities in creating equal opportunities on the job market. We are thankful that we are given the chance by Restart Network to show our commitment to this statement, by sharing our passion for marketing technology with their students. We are always looking for new talent, regardless of background, and we are looking forward to welcoming more students from Restart or elsewhere for an internship or traineeship and become part of the Oxyma family.

Special thanks to Eseyas Abraha, Teodor Cataniciu and all Restart students for an amazing new experience – see you in April for the next masterclass!

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