Oxyma @ SXSW

This week we attended South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. SXSW is a conference that literally takes over Austin for 10 days of Interactive, Music and Film sessions. The event attracts 80.000 direct visitors and more than 150.000 indirect visitors. We attended the Interactive part of the conference. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing nuggets of knowledge and the sessions that inspired us most.

sxxswWe were lucky enough to be amongst the 1400 people who got to attend President Barack Obama’s Keynote. Other sessions included JJ Abrams (Director of Star Wars movies), Steward Butterfield (Founder of Slack and told us to be on his way to become richer than Donald Trump) and Anthony Bourdain (famous bad boy and television chef).

There were less sexy names as well, such as professors, developers, entrepreneurs and specialists who told their stories about design, data, trends, artificial intelligence, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and how they predict the way the world and our business will change over time.

This was our second visit to South by Southwest. Our main goal for SXSW this year? To be inspired for work and personal growth and to have fun! SXSW is definitely a great place to be inspired by interesting people, eat Mexican, listen to music and meet the people in our business.

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