Restart Network & Oxyma: Building People Together

At Oxyma we believe in the power of people. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are a Tech Partner at the Restart Network. Restart is a non-profit organization that empowers refugees, people from low-income and minority backgrounds to start a new life through a career in the tech industry. Together with Restart we will be helping those in need to become tech industries most needed.

As a Tech Partner we give students from Restart the opportunity to learn and work with us as an intern. Before the interns from Restart start at Oxyma, they follow a program with multiple masterclasses based on technology in order to gain knowledge in coding and programming.

 Jeroen Blaauw, HRM director at Oxyma told us about the collaboration with Restart:

‘Oxyma is proud to collaborate with Restart and by doing so, provide opportunities for those in need. Being a Tech Partner reflects some of our core values; that our role in society is more than keeping people at work and our customers happy. Our customer value concept is about the balance between humanness and profits, about putting people first and meeting their desire to be treated well. Naturally, those values also reflect inwards, how we as colleagues collaborate and provide opportunities for all who are willing to get the best out of themselves. In this, we share the same vision as Restart.’

We asked Teodor, chairman and founder off Restart what our collaboration means to him:

‘The essence of our work at Restart Network is believing in human potential. Tech companies like Oxyma pioneer the way for others with a strong message: in our community, it doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money you have, if you’re willing to work hard you will be given the chance to start a rewarding career.’

Meet Mohammad (in the middle), our first intern from Restart.

Mohammad is our first intern from the Restart program. He came from Syria to the Netherlands in 2014. He has a background in Marketing, but is eager to learn more about Technology. Let’s see how Mohammad experiences his time at Restart and Oxyma.

How did you experience the Restart program so far?

I got in touch with Restart through Facebook. I was looking for a project that gave me the opportunity to follow classes in order to gain knowledge. Restart is a great opportunity for people to spread knowledge about things like programming and coding. The program gives people the opportunity to make the world a better place and create mutual benefit. It also really helped me to integrate in the market, because it gives you opportunities at companies.

The last six months you followed a couple of masterclasses for the Restart program, what are the most important things you have learned in those months?

No pain no gain. Because, in the first month of Restart you find out that everything is tough and difficult to learn. Especially because I have a marketing background, this makes this field of expertise completely new for me. In the first month you spend days coding and learning. If you do your best you learn a lot of new things and create value. I was motivated to learn this, because I was always curious about coding and programming, but I never really had the chance before.

What will be your main tasks and roll at Oxyma?

I am an intern, in this role I will do several projects for different teams, to gain knowledge on multiple fields. At the moment I am working with the Vodafone team, I can work with back-end and front-end technology. I personally prefer front-end development. Right now I’m learning and working with JavaScript, which I will use next week when I’ll be working at Oogst by Oxyma.

What is your main goal for your time at Oxyma, what do you want to learn or achieve?

I believe all growth depends upon activity, there is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work, and that’s what I tried to do through Restart, and now with Oxyma. For now I am trying to grow by developing my skills at programming because it is completely new, I just spent the last seven or eight months to get this knowledge.  After learning the skills in class it is very good to improve my skills by working with experienced and professional people. Eventually I hope to get the chance to find a platform to show my skills, because I want to continue working at Oxyma in the future. Mainly because I feel that at a place where you get all the knowledge, you have to stay.

What is your dream for in the future?

My dream is to improve my skills and add new ones along the way, as long as I can. I want to be satisfied with myself and use my skills to be part of things that make the world a better place by for example spreading knowledge. That’s what I want to do at Oxyma and that’s what I admire about Restart.

Mohammad is just the beginning… We are excited to welcome more Restart talents to our Oxyma family in the future. In the beginning of next year there will be a masterclass from Oxyma about Technology, followed by a blog post. Curious? Check our website regularly!

Has this story inspired you and do you want to know more about the collaboration with Restart? Contact Jeroen Blaauw, HRM director, for more information:

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