The Loyalty Loop

The quality of your offerings remains the cornerstone of satisfied customers but shouldn’t be the only tactic you rely on. Service, knowing who your customer really is, what they have bought, and combining this knowledge to offers the customer will actually be thankful for have become essential tools in your marketing toolbox. We have combined this in the Loyalty Loop: The quick guide to a data driven loyalty program.

The Loyalty Loop consists of fundamental steps that you have to acknowledge in your data driven loyalty program to make it successful.

    0. The customer.

At the center of the model is the customer or to be more precise: a thorough understanding of the customer base, their needs and what they perceive as really valuable in the relationship with your company.

  1. Recognition of your customer.

Registering the interactions the customer has with your company via any channel so that you know or are able to identify him or her in the future.

  2. Analyzing data of the customer interactions with your touchpoints.

Based on this data, multiple different segments can be made. Based on customer value, product preference, location and so on.

  3. Personalize rewards for optimizing customer satisfaction.

Specific content and rewards are designed and linked to specific customer segments.

 4. Creating a customer experience to increase customer engagement.

Adding an element of gamification in recognizing and rewarding helps you to capture the attention of the customer. This has become far more than a simple nice to have.

  5. Never stop experimenting since experiences can be improved continuously.

Keep iterating based on data, from new analytical prediction models to new features to redeem rewards. Because what is good today, is mediocre tomorrow.

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