WoltersKluwer.Oxyma: Segmentation for Customer Value

We help you to create Customer Value by delivering an omni-channel marketing experience. Okay, sounds great… but what does that mean? To give you an idea we interviewed Joyce Rivers, Director of International marketing at Kluwer Law, about how Oxyma has helped them create Customer Value by developing a Segmentation Model.

Joyce Rivers, Director of International marketing at Kluwer Law:

This Segmentation Model has changed our entire way of thinking in terms of sales and marketing. The customer comes first, and the product next, instead of product first and then see how we can sell it.

It is much more efficient than the way we used to work. In the past, our entire marketing database was outsourced, so when you asked for a list selection, you would get literally everything. Now we can target customers much more specifically.”

Wolters Kluwer had one clear goal: to gain a clear insight into who their customers are, what their buying behavior looks like and what segmentation would fit best. With this knowledge they are able to provide more relevant offers and information to their customers, which would contribute to creating satisfied customers. Wolters Kluwer was pulling data from their central marketing database. The challenge was to turn this data into fact-based and campaign marketing through segmentation.

Wolters Kluwer approached Oxyma to develop this Segmentation Model. After preparing their data sets for analysis, Oxyma’s team of market analysts observed characteristics within the data by looking at statistics like how many products customers buy and where they come from. Within a month, Wolters Kluwer received a clear picture of which segments would bring the best results to improve its customer’s experiences.

With this information it was possible to develop a plan how to approach these people. How do they align with each other? After all, you want to create a full-circle approach. More importantly, the Segmentation Model allowed Wolters Kluwer to fulfil their secondary goal: increase customer-satisfaction. By knowing exactly whom you are talking to, it is easier to adjust your message and make it more personalized and directed to them. This is how you prevent people from not reading emails because they are not related to their needs.

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