More Conversion with KPN’s campaign execution platform

“We now have more ‘buttons’ to press, and more time in which to do so, because the actual time needed to carry out a campaign has decreased. Our campaign managers can therefore focus on their actual work.”

Karolien van Rouwendal, Campaign Manager at KPN Zakelijke Markt

KPN Zakelijke Markt offers ICT services in the areas of infrastructure and network-related ICT solutions to small, medium and large businesses.

The client’s request

KPN Business Market wanted a way in which to reduce the time and execution costs per campaign, and to open up the possibility of organizing more campaigns targeting more specific demographic groups. Currently, a campaign consists of 3 to 4 channels, which are direct mail, telemarketing, email and sms. The process is complex, and it takes much time to coordinate the campaign flows that take advantage of all these channels. The process also involves identifying the key people for each campaign, as a decision-making unit usually consists of several people and each has their individual responsibilities

The solution

Oxyma developed the campaign execution platform (CEP) that carries out highly automated campaigns. The CEP takes care of all the organizational work, easily generates complex campaign flows, and monitors the responses which are shown on real-time reports. Furthermore, the hierarchical structures of organizations can be recorded, which makes it easier to identify the right person for each campaign. The CEP ensures that campaign managers spend more time on their actual tasks, which include developing, monitoring and making adjustments to campaigns.

The outcome

The time taken to set up a campaign was reduced by 30 percent, which also significantly reduced the set-up costs and the project management costs, in most cases by 35 percent. So the more complex the campaign, the greater the savings became. As it was possible to more specifically target certain demographic groups with more relevant information, the conversion rate had increased on many of the campaigns. Furthermore, KPN Business now have more opportunities to test campaigns, to monitor and follow up non-responses which will subsequently lead to a further increase in conversion.