Cliniclowns customer contact strategy increases relevance for contributors

“We partnered with Oxyma to develop a specific loyalty program. The level of commitment and the donation amounts help determine the channel and the frequency of our communications with our contributors. In this manner we hope to create more loyalty.”

Ronnie Dankelman and Wobke van Boven, Database Marketers at CliniClowns

Stichting CliniClowns Nederland (CliniClowns Foundation of the Netherlands) provides distractions and fun to sick and handicapped children. Currently there are more than 65 specially trained CliniClowns in over 100 hospitals and other care institutions throughout the Netherlands. When the CliniClowns are not present in the hospitals, the children can still access the world of clowns by various clown-related events for children and their families and through the interactive ‘CliniClowns Speelkoffer’ (CliniClowns Games Suitcase) via the online world of Especially designed for those children being cared for at home.

Limiting outflow of contributors

In order to limit the outflow of contributors, CliniClowns asked Oxyma to develop a customer contact strategy that included a loyalty programme.

Pinpointing loyalty drivers

A qualitative as well quantitative study was carried out in collaboration with TNO to find out what the loyalty drivers were. The most viable direct marketing approach which best fit the CliniClowns loyalty concept was then mapped in a number of workshops. For each stage in the donor life cycle, a different client program was set up (welcome, development, retention and recovery). Each program consists of different types of direct marketing campaigns.

Maximising ROI on the marketing budget

The concept of loyalty is an integral binding story that creates visibility, consistency and a personal approach in which aspects such as passion and emotion are expressed. In addition, a customer value segmenting system is devised, whereby the level of commitment and the number of donations determine the amount of, and type of campaign information that contributors receive. This allows CliniClowns to optimize the marketing budget and maximize ROI.