More insights and more conversion for KPN ‘Compleet’

“The Dashboard made by Oxyma not only gives us insights in our KPN Compleet base but is an essential tool that helps us to reach our targets. The effect of our campaigns and new features can be measured directly and it helps us to see what works and what doesn’t. It also gives us insights in which channels are under or out performing our expectations. For channel managers this is key to react accordingly.”

Dirk-Jan van Gaalen, Product Owner KPN Compleet

In order to attract and retain customers, KPN’s ‘Compleet’ proposition rewards consumers with nice rewards when using more KPN products such as mobile and internet.

The client’s request

KPN was looking for insights in their ‘Compleet’ proposition, to see whether they are on track with their targets and to enable them to change direction in due time when necessary. Specifically to keep track of the process of households becoming complete, and staying complete. How many households are complete and thus enjoying their discounts, and which are still missing out? Where are the bottlenecks in the process, both on the front- and backend? Periodic insights are required to make data driven business decisions.

The solution

Oxyma has brought together all the millions of datapoints spread out across multiple data sources, and visualized this in dynamic dashboards, custom-made based on the needs of KPN. This grants quick access to all the relevant KPIs in user-friendly reports, rather than spending valuable time searching in different data sources. Because they are updated continuously, KPN can act immediately and see the results of the strategic changes and technical improvements that were made based on the dashboards. In all this, dashboarding-tool Qlik Sense is increasing in popularity as it keeps all insights in one place, always and easily accessible, and with one point of truth.

The outcome

These insights have led to awareness, which has led to actions, which in turn has led to increased conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. All the while monitoring the relevant KPIs and verifying the impact of the improvements. It continually provides (channel) managers the essential insights to see how channels are doing, and to make data-driven decisions.