“Personalization in the various channels is at the heart of our international growth strategy. In Oxyma we have found the partner for creating a CRM strategy and optimizing marketing operations through marketing automation. We are confident that our customers will be offered the ultimate branded shopping experience through the creativity of Marlies Dekkers, combined with the CRM expertise of Oxyma.”

Jerome Orlemans, Hoofd eCommerce,

Implementing an omni-channel contact strategy that combines Marlies Dekkers’ various global sources of online and offline data.

The client’s request

marlies|dekkers desired a data-driven CRM strategy and optimization of their marketing efforts. A key element in this strategy was the need to gain insights in their current and future customer wants and needs. There was little or no segmentation, reporting, testing, and personalization. Marketing efforts were based on gut feelings. Although these gut feelings were often correct, there were no objective criteria on which an improvement cycle could be based.

The solution

Through an agile way of working with a hybrid on-site team of consultants and data scientists, near real-time insights were developed. A dashboard incorporated data from multiple channels and different sources. Through insights of the dashboard and with machine-learning techniques several (automated) campaigns were developed, such as personalized next best offer campaigns and welcome campaigns. In addition lead generation efforts were developed to achieve a larger prospect base. To optimize and improve campaign efforts, a consistent testing framework was developed.

The outcome

This approach lead to a changed mindset towards a data-driven culture throughout the entire company. Not just the sales or marketing department, but even the product designers have incorporated data insights in their daily work. Moreover, the sales significantly improved due to the personalized campaigning and the continuous marketing improvement cycle. Also the overall customer base grew with a significant amount.