NS increases click-through rate and conversion with new style email marketing

“Oxyma became actively involved in the thought process about how we could achieve maximum reach with our customers. By using optimized email templates, we now have 26% more opens and almost 12% more conversion.”

Mascha van der Heijden, Head of Marketing, B2C (Base) at NS

NS transports more than 1 million passengers everyday, on the busiest rail network in Europe. The NS mission is to transport passengers, safely, comfortably and on time via attractive stations.

Increasing the click-through rate and conversion

NS asked Oxyma to help them improve the click-through rate and the conversion of an existing email template, with the aid of marketing performance improvement. Together with the Oxyma marketing specialists, they examined how they could optimize the template further, with the focus on shortening text and making clearer offers.

Optimising the existing email template

An A/B test was used to compare the original email template with an optimized version and several changes were made that included the following:

  • Less text with clearer call-to-action
  • Extensive personalization
  • Moving element to emphasize offers
  • Positioning of brand identity and USPs

Click-through ratio of 93% and positive ROI

The optimized template ultimately resulted in the following:

  • Open rate increase of 26%
  • Click-through ratio of 93%
  • Almost 12% more conversion