NS International listens and acts real-time on customer behavior across channels

“The framework that Oxyma has developed and facilitated, allows us to cooperate intensively to structurally extend our already rich customer view. This enables us to communicate more relevantly with our customers. These efforts are rewarded by our customers. Not only with a higher turnover, but also with significantly higher customer satisfaction.”

Linda Molenaar, Senior Base Marketer & Product Owner CRM

NS International is part of the Dutch Railways which serves the national and international high-speed connections. With NS International you can travel from every station in the Netherlands to over 3300 European destinations.

To every station

NS International and Oxyma work together at increasing the relevance in communication towards customers on all key touchpoints. By structurally enriching the customer view, including new customer attributes and insights based on (online) behavior, Next Best Actions (NBAs) must become smarter and thus more relevant. With this we want to increase customer satisfaction and then increase sales by being more relevant in communicating with customers.

Via any track

Customer attributes and insights are combined from 8 (and growing) sources into one central customer view. Via the developed framework new data is enriched and facilitated to the relevant touchpoints for use in communication. The NBAs are calculated based on this customer view and then made available to the various touchpoints. At the touchpoints the NBAs and customer attributes are used in the communication. If we discover that an NBA must be overruled based on behavior (for example a customer that does not finish the booking process), we react to it real-time with a different, more relevant response.

What do we see at the destination 

By enriching the central customer view structurally with new customer attributes and insights through active (questioning) and passive (interpreting) enrichment actions, the central customer view becomes richer. This will continue to improve personalization, increasing customer response to campaigns by 65%. This higher relevance is then seen not only in the conversion (13% increase), but also in customer satisfaction. The positive sentiment of customers on the communication of NS International increased with 70% this last year.