Segmentation for Customer Value for Wolters Kluwer Law

“This Segmentation Model has changed our entire way of thinking in terms of sales and marketing. The customer comes first, and the product next, instead of product first and then see how we can sell it.”

Joyce Rivers, Director of International Marketing at Kluwer Law

Wolters Kluwer Law International is part of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US. It is the publisher of various English publications in the area of cross-border legislation. This concerns cross-border jurisdictions, such as arbitration, intellectual property, competitions laws and taxes.

The client’s request

Wolters Kluwer wanted to gain more insight into who their customers are, what their buying behavior looks like, and what segmentation would fit best. With this knowledge they would be able to provide more relevant offers and information to their customers, contributing to creating satisfied customers. Wolters Kluwer was pulling data from their central marketing database. The challenge was to turn this data into fact-based and campaign marketing.

The solution

A segmentation model. After preparing their data sets for analysis, Oxyma’s team of market analysts observed characteristics within the data by looking at statistics such as the amount of products bought by customers and where customers come from.

The outcome

Within a month, Oxyma delivered a clear picture of which segments would bring the best results to improve Wolter Kluwer’s customer experiences. The model made it possible for Wolters Kluwer to develop a plan as to how to approach their different customers with a full-circle approach. Wolters Kluwer was able to increase customer satisfaction by adjusting their communication with a more personalized approach.