UPC creates more time for campaign optimization

“Our campaign managers are now able to spend more time on collaborating with Market Managers and on optimizing campaigns. This will lead to improved targeting, higher conversions and an increase in satisfied customers.”

Nick Schilders, Manager CRM bij UPC Nederland

UPC Nederland and its parent company Liberty Global offer a leading range of services in the areas of HD TV, Internet, telephony and content. With the introduction of Horizon, UPC has taken a new step in the direction of personal TV and video services, which can be accessed through mobile phones and tablets.

Extra Campaign Management Expertise and Capability

UPC Nederland wanted to better utilize its expertise and capabilities in the area of campaign management within the organization, without growing the number of employees. Oxyma was approached with these challenges.

Virtual Unica Team Assists with Campaigns and Selections

UPC Netherlands works with software from IBM Unica, so by outsourcing the operational IBM-Unica activities, the team finally had room to breathe. Oxyma’s virtual Unica team took over the remote execution – within UPC’s infrastructure – of the daily, weekly and monthly campaigns and selections. The output files of these activities are checked in accordance with SLA agreements and distributed amongst various internal and external stakeholders.

Improved Agility and Quicker Response to Developments

UPC Nederland’s CRM department has found a reliable partner with this solution, one that can carry out the operational activities faster, with consistent quality and without resource limitations. Consequently multiple targeted campaigns can be executed at the same time, thus allowing UPC Nederland to be more agile, and able to react quicker to market developments.