Vodafone increases conversion by enriching prospect database

“InBetween Marketing Services, a subsidiary of Oxyma, has helped us expand and improve our Prospect Engagement Programme. In this programme alone, we have experienced an increase in the number of orders by 378%.”

Christiaan Holman, Sr. Manager Consumer Online Sales & CRM at Vodafone Libertel BV.

Vodafone Netherlands is part of the Vodafone Group, the largest communications company in the world. With innovative fixed and mobile services, Vodafone meets the rapidly changing needs of consumers and business users of mobile communications. Oxyma collaborated with Vodafone in making this a reality.

Database growth and increased conversion

Vodafone has a prospect database of about 700,000 prospects, and grows daily. These prospects are enticed into buying pre-paid cards via email and into taking out subscriptions through interesting offers. Vodafone has asked Oxyma to develop a programme which grows the database and increases the conversion of the special offer emails.

Structure optimization of campaigns

Oxyma expanded the prospect database and added more information about behavioral responses to emails (leaving data, opens and clicks). Through a series of test programs, they examined which offers correspond best with which types of prospects and which types of behavior. Based on this information, a ‘roadmap’ was created.
During each quarter, Oxyma discusses the results of the previous quarter with Vodafone and adjusts the roadmap accordingly. In this manner, new campaigns can be created and existing campaigns improved upon, resulting in conversion increases, a larger prospect database and more specifically targeted campaigns.

378% more prospect order

From the inception of the prospect engagement program, prospect orders increased by 378%. In addition, the efficiency of campaign implementation increased, resulting in shorter lead times.