Omni-channel marketing requires reliable and efficient processes. This can be a complex and laborious process, unless it has been your core business for years.

Perfectly executed marketing processes

Together we design programs that connect every phase of your customer lifecycles; from lead management to win-back. We make sure that these are integrated into all your communication channels and support you on a day-to-day basis with the orchestration of these complex marketing processes.

Knowledgeable in every channel

We not only support you with online communications through web, social, local and mobile channels, but provide fulfilment in traditional channels such as DM, Call and InStore. Because of our years of experience in this field, we know which combination of channels gives the highest conversion rate in each situation, and we strive to consistently optimize our knowledge through continuous testing.

Total control of the chain

Many external partners such as contact centers, advertising agencies, fulfilment agencies and other specialists need to be involved in order to create great omni-channel experiences. In addition, your dialogues have an impact in other departments such as Customer Service and Sales. We act as a central hub and ensure that you maintain control over the entire chain. We’ll oversee your channel partners, distribute data and monitor responses.


Our engineers will shape, tweak, tune and integrate your marketing technology solutions for the best possible customer interactions, in all your channels, all at the same time!

Omni-channel integration in practice

Customers have increasingly high expectations of organizations when it comes to communications. On the basis of our customer engagement framework, we are able to map all your customer communications and integrate them in one seamless experience. Making sure your customers always receive the right message regardless of the chosen channel or technology.

Smart use of marketing technology

Whether you require implementation of a campaign management system, need assistance organizing a campaign or are implementing a new omni-channel strategy, we can help with our extensive knowledge of proven technologies such as IBM, Adobe, Silverpop, Selligent and Tripolis. Our campaign engineers are happy to work on location, or from the Rotterdam office.

Best in class solutions

Our hands-on consultants will help you design and build the great omni-channel dialogues, but our engineers will help you build and automate them. We have years of experience with in how to combine the best in class solutions in data-warehousing, web-development, ETL, mobile, social and marketing automation. We are accredited as an official partner by many leading solution providers.


You want to make the difference and create an experience with the right impact. An engaging emotion around your brand is the missing link. Omni-channel. With a measurable result.

The creative omni-challenge

A consistent message, and a consistent brand experience. Regardless the channel and moment your customer chooses. This is the challenge. Relevant content and engaging strategies are needed to shape your customers actions, thoughts, feelings and experience. Together, we can dream up journeys and put the customer in the center of the story. We will help you succeed in creating business value.

Omni-thinkers, channel specialists

The omni-channel experience focus is the starting point. Starting to break down the walls of your silos. A great coordinated implementation and execution in concept, content and UX design on every channel is the next goal. Our team has substantial creative strategy, concept, content and UX design experience over all digital channels. And we partner where necessary with great non digital agencies to guarantee the ultimate omni-channel impact.

Your brand: the customers’ experience

We are in an age and time where the customer dictates the desired experience. Your challenge? Attaching your brand to a seamless, value creating journey. With overal brand loyalty declining steadily, the new differentiator becomes the actual experience. At Oxyma, we help you center the customer journey around your brand. Our goal is to increase your brand perception and drive better and more successful customer journeys.


Turning customer data into insights that drive business decisions can be quite a challenge. Our data scientists and insights analysts crunch your numbers, develop employee capabilities and improve your marketing performance. 


Your business revolves around customers. A 360 degree view on your customer data is on top of your to-do list. But the more data you have, the more difficult it gets to transform this data into valuable insights. Making the right business decisions that increase your customers’ value and provide relevance across all communication channels is imperative.

What we do

Oxyma Insights is our experienced team of analysts and data scientists. We help you decide how to improve marketing performance. Our team works project based, on-premise or as a remote insights desk. We deliver stunning reports and dashboards, analyze data, predict what’s next and advise on how to improve your marketing performance based on facts.

Customers we serve

We make organization more data driven, develop dashboards, predict churn, product recommendations, visualize data, customer value models and discover valuable customer segments for customers we are proud of: KPN, Unilever food solutions, BMW, Nuon, Telfort, Marlies Dekkers, NS, Vodafone, KLM, Nationale Nederlanden.

All our services

We like to use proven standards but do not believe in “one size fits all” solutions. Our services are designed to optimally fit the requirements and needs of our clients. Would you like to know more? Contact us.

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Oxyma insights

Oxyma Insights is our experienced team of analysts and data scientists. They help you decide how to improve marketing performance. Read more »


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Chain management

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Journey mapping

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