Big data discovery

Having a lot of data about your customers does not automatically translate into better insights and better decision making. Data discovery will give you clear insights in your client data, maturity level and opportunities to improve. It helps you to transform data into insights, knowledge and wisdom.


  • How do we handle big volumes of customer data?
  • How do we tie different forms of data to a clear customer record?
  • Reporting is flawed because of bad and incomplete data.
  • Unclear definitions are a frequent source of discussion.
  • I need a customer value segmentation for my marketing efforts.
  • Does our current data allow to perform our analytical needs.

What we do

Based on your organization’s goals we help you take steps to transform data into actionable insights, knowledge and wisdom. For specific business questions and data applications we perform deep dives to deliver the necessary insights. Based on this info we develop (marketing) databases that give you a 360 degree view on your customer and make this data accessible through API’s, BI reporting, dashboarding and regular database access. Our data scientists, information analysts and (database)developers help you get the most out of your customer and big data.

Leveraging big data

  • Real time decisioning
  • Onsite personalisation
  • Unstructured data storage
  • Next best offer and next best action models