Campaign management

We possess extensive knowledge and expertise with regard to data, marketing and IT, and have years of experience designing customer programs, customer life cycles and campaigns across all inbound and outbound channels.


For many years , IBM has been a forerunner in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. With the Smarter Commerce suite, IBM provides complete solutions for outbound, inbound, MRM, email marketing and marketing operations management. As a partner of IBM, we provide support to organizations with system integration, upgrades, campaign configuration and operational management.


Selligent offers an integrated platform for cross-channel interactions, campaign optimization and the marketing planning process using an intuitive cloud solution. As Selligent’s partner, during the first Selligent Awards in New York, we won both the Jury Award and the Voice of the Marketers Award,and we are very proud to have received them.


Tripolis has a rich history of email management, and offers a competitive platform for email, mobile and social marketing. Whether it involves highly segmented or high-volume personalized emails, Tripolis guarantees the daily email distribution and delivery for several of our clients.

Other Software

Contact us for support with tool selection, system integration, program optimization, configuration and operation.