Customer segmentation

Not all customers are equal. Customer segmentation helps to identify customer (value) segments and create tailored campaigns for these segments. Segmenting customers allows you for a much deeper understanding of customers that have specific attributes. Oxyma Insights helps you to discover, create and validate these segments and develop campaigns that increase customer value.    


  • What segmentation models are best for our customer base?
  • Do we have enough (quality) data to create a good segmentation model?
  • How do we develop segments?
  • How do we go from customer segments to campaigns?

What we do

We help to identify and validate customer segments in your customer base and create campaigns that increase customer value based on these segments. We support your analysts and marketing team in these efforts or have our team perform all steps. Our experience ensures your projects have short turnaround times and your organization learns how to build effective models and campaigns around them. 

Some of the models we build

  • Cluster analysis
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)