Dashboards & Reporting

Are you tired of reports cluttering your inbox? Is your data a couple of months behind? And are you stretching the limits of Excel? Then it’s time to start using dashboards to visualize your data. As a marketer you always need to be on top of what’s happening in campaigns and shifts in your customers’ behavior. Dashboards allow you to have real-time insight in the data you need to monitor your marketing performance and make informed decisions.


  • The reports we currently use do not provide the insights we expect
  • How do I combine data from different sources to create one single point of truth?
  • I want quick overviews of most important data and KPI’s?
  • I want to be able to have dynamic reports to get better insights

What we do

We help you define what data you need to always be in the know. We make sure this data is available and connected to your (or our) reporting environment. We create dashboards that visualize your data in a compelling way and add interactions you need to perform deep-dives. We use best of breed BI and reporting suites like Qlik and Tableau to create your dashboards.

We specialize in dashboards for

  • Marketing performance
  • Omni channel campaigns
  • Sales performance and insights
  • CRM insights