Marketing performance team

Need extra resource capacity to configure and run campaigns in IBM Unica Campaign, Adobe Campaign, Selligent, Chordiant or another campaign management tool? Or do you require expert knowledge for your most complex challenges? Meet our marketing performance team.

Extension of your campaign management organization

Our team of experienced consultants and campaign engineers form a virtual extension of your own crm organization. Whether you need new campaign flows to be built, or need someone to run and check your recurring campaigns. We log on to your system, perform the activities required and report on the results.

Ensuring continuity and sharing workload

Finding, training and keeping highly qualified and experienced specialist is a challenge for many of our clients. While at the same time the workload fluctuates over time. You can share the workload with our team, so your own resources can focus on other tasks.

Applying and sharing cross industry knowledge

Our engineers work for clients in different industries. As a result, they have a unique insight in various best practices. They apply that knowledge to your business on a daily basis and share it via periodic marketing performance reviews. So you always have access to expert knowledge within your team.