Turning customer data into insights that drive business decisions can be quite a challenge. Our data scientists and insights analysts crunch your numbers, develop employee capabilities and improve your marketing performance. 


Your business revolves around customers. A 360 degree view on your customer data is on top of your to-do list. But the more data you have, the more difficult it gets to transform this data into valuable insights. Making the right business decisions that increase your customers’ value and provide relevance across all communication channels is imperative.

What we do

Oxyma Insights is our experienced team of analysts and data scientists. We help you decide how to improve marketing performance. Our team works project based, on-premise or as a remote insights desk. We deliver stunning reports and dashboards, analyze data, predict what’s next and advise on how to improve your marketing performance based on facts.

Customers we serve

We make organization more data driven, develop dashboards, predict churn, product recommendations, visualize data, customer value models and discover valuable customer segments for customers we are proud of: KPN, Unilever food solutions, BMW, Nuon, Telfort, Marlies Dekkers, NS, Vodafone, KLM, Nationale Nederlanden.