Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics helps businesses leverage big data to know how customers will behave, which media channel is most likely to convert or when someone will purchase or churn. Solid predictive models enable you to develop customer centric campaigns that engage customers with relevant messages at the right time and channel. This is good for both customer satisfaction and the return on investment of your marketing efforts. 


  • Which customers are most likely to churn?
  • What should be the Next Best Offer for our customer?
  • How can we use order history and web-behavior to create a next best offer suggestion?
  • How can I help sales with timing for a renewal call?

What we do

We help to identify prediction opportunities in your data and build a solid business case for their applications. Our analysts then build, optimize and maintain your prediction models. We can run models on our infrastructure but can integrate in your existing infrastructure.
If you already have working prediction models or are building models yourself we can help validate and optimize.

Some of the models we build

Propensity to buy, Churn prediction, Next best offer / activity (NBO/NBA), BTYD model, Attribution modelling, Engagement scoring, Upsell/Crossell/Deepsell, Market basket and Machine Learning.