Qlik offers end-users a beautiful and interactive way to interact with data. With speed-of-thought analysis you are able to make business decisions based on facts. At Oxyma Insights we specialize in utilizing the Qlik platform for customer analytics. We give marketers a means to interact with customer data to perform campaign analyses, customer segmentations and full interaction with 360 degree customer profiles.

Qlik dashboard development

If you have Qlik (Sense or View) running but also if you are new to Qlik, we help you develop sales, customer and campaign dashboards that fit your business needs. We aim to thoroughly understand the way your business works and can challenge your dashboard requirements based on our knowledge in retail, telco, utilities, automotive and other industries.

Qlik specialists for hire

You need Qlik specialists on premise, close enough for colleagues to interact with. Our certified and experienced Qlik specialists assist in projects that require in depth expertise, A-grade analytics and insights generation and board room marketing intelligence. Our experts are readily available for specific projects and interim assignments.

Qlik Customer intelligence solutions

We help you create valuable insights that help drive business decisions. We create dashboards that provide insights in how your marketing operation is performing across channels and which valuable segments can be discovered inside your customer data. Our data driven approach has proven itself in numerous industries. Take a look at our cases to learn more!