Web analytics

Your website is one of the main channels your customers use to interact with your brand. The way they behave explains a lot about their interests, what and when they are going to buy and your campaign performance. Web analytics solutions help to get valuable and actionable insights from your website.


  • Recognize and target high value customers
  • Media spend optimization using attribution models
  • Create valuable insights and optimize our marketing efforts based on these insights
  • Fast access to web-analytics experts

What we do

We help organizations to get the most out of their web analytics setup. We align web-analytics usage with your business goals on strategic, tactical and operational levels. We help analyze and create actionable insights your team can work with, but also dashboards that give everyone a clearly defined view on how you are performing. We have experienced and certified specialists in Google Analytics, Adobe analytics and other tooling used to optimize web performance (A/B testing, multi armed bandit testing, SEO, etc).

Our services

  • Campaign analysis
  • User profiling
  • Lead scoring
  • User interaction analysis
  • Retargeting audiences
  • A/B testing
  • Website optimization