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Dick Vanderzaken

Since the creation of Oxyma in 2000, Dick Vanderzaken is the go-to man for the company’s business development activities. As Principal Consultant, Dick occupies himself with the development of strategic innovation and partnerships, in order to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s anticipated scenarios. Dick’s main concerns are the "what if" scenarios, and he usually succeeds in formulating the solutions 2 years ahead of the rest.

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Jos van Loo

Since 2001, Jos van Loo has overseen everything involving Information Technology. As the IT Director, Jos delivers flawless and high quality service to our clients. He studied Computer Science at the TU in Delft and is well-versed in Marketing, proving on a daily basis that Marketing and IT are a perfect fit.

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Arjan Grootenboer

Since the beginning of Oxyma in 2000, Arjan Grootenboer has built and expanded our very large client network. As the Managing Director Consulting Services, his objective is to deliver maximum (customer) value to new and existing clients. Arjan is an avid runner, and the co-founder of Roparun Team 127, 2organize4life.

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