GDPR D-Day | Join our breakfast round table session on May 25th!

Oxyma organizes a round table (breakfast edition) on May 25th in Rotterdam with a special focus on GDPR (what else on May 25th!). Many organizations have been or are busy making sure everything is GDPR compliant. On D-Day (May 25th), we’ll discuss this topic with fellow marketers and managers who have been actively involved in the GDPR compliancy for his or her own organization.

GDPR round table

How do you cope with GDPR as a marketer? What are the benefits, downfalls and what can corporates learn from each other? This round table is all about best practices, sharing knowledge and networking. Want to know more about GDPR for marketers beforehand? Visit our (Dutch) GDPR website here!

More specific in this Oxyma round table:
– How far are you with your organization’s GDPR implementation?
– How did you experience the (internal) process?
– What is the role of marketing and online?
– Do you encounter any obstacles?
– What opportunities does GDPR offer for you?

This round table is especially interesting for marketers and managers who have been actively involved in the GDPR compliancy for its own organization.

Sign up now!

Sign up for this round table session here (please note, the session is in Dutch). Limited spots available.


Thursday May 25th 2018, 9AM – 11:30AM


Oxyma HQ, Vasteland 74, Rotterdam. Parking at Erasmusbrug (we have parking cards for you).


09:00 – 09:30 uur Registration & breakfast
09:30 – 09:45 uur Welcome & introduction Oxyma and Merkle
09:45 – 11:30 Round Table
11:30 – Coffee & networking

About Oxyma Round Tables

Oxyma regularly organizes exclusive (behind closed doors) round table events. The goal of these events is to discuss certain topics with likemined people, share ideas and to learn from others’ experiences in a small setting. The Oxyma round tables have a maximum of 16 participants, which makes sure we can really zoom in into your business challenges. Various ideas from different points of view are important for a successful round table, this is why we make sure there’s a good balance between different participants and their interests.

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