In November 2017 we joined the Merkle organization as part of its drive to become a worldwide leader in people-based marketing. With more than 3,500 employees and annual revenues of $500 million, Merkle is an established major player in this market, and together we are working to build a unified operation to deliver best-in-class services worldwide.

The first fully integrated omni-channel marketing agency in the Netherlands.

Specialized business unit with focus on complex SIM and innovative Gift- and Loyalty Solutions.

Creative mobile agency focused on the ideation and development of engaging mobile experiences.

Frontrunner in the field of digital marketing and specialized in every online channel: search, social, display and email.

Full service social media agency. Specialized in making brands (more) successful online through a strategic and creative use of social media.


At Oxyma we believe that smart omni-channel marketing is the key to great customer experiences, increased customer value and sustainable business success.

What we do

We create customer value, by structurally improving effectiveness and efficiency of 1-to-1 dialogues. Together with the brands we work for, we strive to create the best possible experience for prospects and customers. We translate data into actionable insights and create great customer experiences. We design, build and run marketing processes and manage omni-channel customer interactions that make a difference.

Our Clients

Marketers at leading organizations like Vodafone, AS Watson, BMW, KPN, Dutch Railways, Nuon, PON, Ziggo, AirFrance-KLM and Unilever work closely together with our marketing, creative and technology professionals on a daily basis. Check out all our clients here.

For them, working together with Oxyma means being at the forefront of applying innovative (direct) marketing methods, concepts and techniques.

Our story

In the last 15 years Oxyma (formerly 2organize) has established itself as the leading omni-channel agency in the Netherlands. After a strategic rebranding in 2015, we are now taking the next steps in our buy & build strategy. With the support from our strong financial partner Nordian Capital, we are expanding our company and business by means of organic growth as well as strategic buys and/or mergers.


We’ll help you to create the highest possible value for both your customers and your business, whenever, wherever and however you can, in all your channels, at the same time. The ultimate omni-channel experience.

Complicated is your friend

Omni-channel marketing is pretty complicated: you have to constantly learn, measure, adapt, implement, roll out and maintain data driven dialogues with all your customers, in all your channels and all at the same time. But here’s the good news: you can let us worry about how complicated that is. For you, complicated simply means there is still lots to gain.

We’re in this together

Your knowledge, expertise and involvement are key to improving your marketing performance. No one knows your business as well as you do, so you need to get your hands a bit dirty too. Consider us as a virtual extension of your marketing team: together we’ll uncover the true value of every channel you’re already using, and find new opportunities to create the highest value possible elsewhere.

We’re in it to win it

Our 300+ marketers, data scientists and IT professionals have a 15 year track record of designing, building, running and improving complex omni-channel marketing processes at major brands. But we’re still very much like a start-up; agile, on the ball and not shy of having some fun. But most of all: we aim high, learn and adapt quickly and get up there every single time. Yes, that’s a promise!

Press room

All relevant official information can be found in the Oxyma press room

Ronald Morcus, Ex-Chief Executive Officer Oxyma;

“More and more our clients are looking for a ‘leading agency’ that can act as a business partner in measuring, creating and optimizing customer value across all media and communication channels. They expect an integral and integrated omni-channel approach from their agency. We already covered a great deal with our existing propositions, although up to now we still had a strong focus on the owned media channels and CRM. As an acknowledged frontrunner in the Dutch market with a highly specialized expertise in paid media, Oogst will further strengthen Oxyma’s position as the omni-channel marketing specialist.”

 Nico Maessen, co-founder of Oogst;

“In Oxyma we have found a partner that shares our vision on online marketing. We had already been working together on various occasions and felt a strong cultural and intrinsic connection. This partnership greatly enhances our ability to provide clients with the integrated services we need to create the best customer journeys. It is a challenging and exciting new phase for us. We want to retain Oogst’s strong position in the marketplace while -at the same time- make maximum use of group synergy”

Philip Spaas, co-founder of Oogst;

“In just ten years, we became one of the leading agencies in the field of online marketing and online data. Joining forces with Oxyma, means that we can now offer an even broader and more innovative service portfolio to our clients covering customer contact strategies, media, creation, marketing platforms and analyses. Our specialisms makes Oogst the perfect match for Oxyma, and vice versa.”