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O’Neill in control of own dynamically segmented newsletters in eight countries

O'Neill, the surf, snow and lifestyle brand from California, was founded in 1952 by the legendary Jack O'Neill. O'Neill’s most important invention was the neoprene wetsuit, and since that time, the company remains a leader in the development of watersports and winter sports products.

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Cliniclowns customer contact strategy increases relevance for contributors

Stichting CliniClowns Nederland (CliniClowns Foundation of the Netherlands) provides distractions and fun to sick and handicapped children. Currently there are more than 65 specially trained CliniClowns in over 100 hospitals and other care institutions throughout the Netherlands. When the CliniClowns are not present in the hospitals, the children can still access the world of clowns by various clown-related events for children and their families and through the interactive ‘CliniClowns Speelkoffer’ (CliniClowns Games Suitcase) via the online world of Especially designed for those children being cared for at home.

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