A successful collaboration between marlies ǀ dekkers and OFS by Oxyma

marlies ǀ dekkers’ designs are sold throughout the world and are (inter)nationally seen as trendsetting, innovative and pioneering. With the growth and the increasingly important role of customer loyalty, marlies ǀ dekkers asked OFS to take the lead in implementing and executing the marlies ǀ dekkers gift card.

OFS by Oxyma is a specialized part of Oxyma with the focus on card & loyalty solutions. Their solutions and services consist of developing and implementing (Loyalty) Programs, creating engagement via unique concepts to enhance customer experience, providing digital wallets with connections to transactional software (POS, Webshops) and various other card & loyalty solutions. marlies ǀ dekkers was already working together with Oxyma on their CRM strategy, therefore they were already familiar with the solutions provided by OFS. To improve customer loyalty, attract new customers and to increase market penetration marlies ǀ dekkers asked OFS to develop and implement their gift card. OFS provided the implementation of the gift card and  also their card management transaction platform for the connection to the cash registers in the POS and webshop to manage all the transactions. With the solutions and services provided by OFS, marlies ǀ dekkers is able to monitor the whole chain and create more customer value.

Bulent Candan, Managing Director OFS:

“We at OFS strongly believe that the next retail challenge is about merging the offline and online customer data. This data can then be used to create the best omni-channel loyalty experience for your customers.”

At Oxyma we love to celebrate successful collaborations. Therefore, our Oxyma women all became marlies ǀ dekkers gift card owners!

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