ICOM alights in the Netherlands for an international digital marketing conference

Agency owners, digital leaders and creative directors of the global independent marketing communications network, ICOM, come together in Rotterdam for their annual international conference “Exploring Data Driven Journeys” from 20 to 22 October 2016. Dutch agency Oxyma organizes the event, which will include speeches from astronaut André Kuipers and trend watcher Richard van Hooijdonk.

What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, how do brands handle the countless customer journeys and how do you create personalized experiences for invisible consumers? Data driven marketing is evolving and omni-channel experiences are increasingly better personalized. For the global network of independent agencies, ICOM, this is the underlying theme throughout the three-day conference.

Oxyma is the forerunner in this field in the Netherlands and therefore the expert of choice to host the event. The omni-channel marketing agency has offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dubai and Breda. As an international player the agency joined ICOM to strengthen its international services for their customers.

“Agencies come together in ICOM because they see the need to service their international clients locally under the direction of one main contractor. In addition, many clients see the value in small like-minded and manager-owned specialist agencies compared to large public network groups”, clarified CEO Ronald Morcus of Oxyma on the choice of collaborating through ICOM.

Arjan Grootenboer, CCO Oxyma says about the conference: “We see an enormous shift in our industry. Led by data and technology, we gain more insights into consumer behavior and thus also in their needs. The impact in marketing of consumer controlled purchasing behavior, social media, customer experience, digital natives and platform dominance is clearly noticeable. Therefore, it is good to join forces for three days with international colleagues to work under the motto ‘Exploring data driven journeys’.”

Conference participants will work on real cases but also be inspired by guest speakers at iconic locations in Rotterdam. For instance André Kuipers will speak at the Euromast and Richard van Hooijdonk will give a glimpse into the future from ‘The Rotterdam’, the vertical city of Rem Koolhaas.

Oxyma pressroom

More information, images and contact details can be found in the Oxyma pressroom.

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