Our Creative Director & hamburgerman at 010AreaLive

Serge van Marion, our creative director talks about influencers and creativity at 010AreaLive.

Serge, gives an interesting talk at the 010AreaLive event on May 16 and 17 in Rotterdam Ahoy. He talks about social influencing in real life and how creativity and authenticity are having the biggest impact. Oh, and also about how Serge himself turned the whole hamburger scene upside down!

Not only is Serge working on creative campaigns at Oxyma he is also an influencer himself. Way back, when blogging was ‘new’… Serge wanted to find out himself what you can accomplish with blogging. Therefore, he started his travel blog, followed by the hamburger test which made him the hamburger expert! His story is published in the latest AreaLive magazine, where he tells more about how he ‘accidentally’ became an influencer himself and about his work at Oxyma. Read the (dutch) interview in the magazine below.

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