Oxyma develops its ‘build’ strategy

In the implementation year of its buy-and-build strategy, Oxyma is pleased to announce that several more steps have been taken in the ‘build’ segment.

Oxyma has a clear focus on four domains – technology, process, insights and creativity – and it is only logical to grow in these areas. The company is currently reinforcing its processes and technology by bringing new people on board.

“The appointment of Karen Pot from Cmotions offers us considerable expertise in change processes and organisational development within the data driven omni-channel marketing domain,” explains Raymon de Kruijff, managing consultant at Oxyma. “And the transfer of Jean-Paul Geelhoed from MindShare has added a new flavour to our consulting team. Jean-Paul’s insights from a media perspective are a welcome addition, especially when combined with his technology knowledge.”

Clients are increasingly looking for partners who understand the business and can provide advice, implement that advice and translate it into content. This is why Oxyma continues to invest in knowledge of the media and its deployment by creative people.

“After working for more than six years in the GroupM and Mindshare organisation as data & technology director, I was ready for a new challenge,” Jean-Paul says. “By switching to Oxyma I can focus more on marktech  issues as a consultant, with a stronger focus on creating customer value for our clients. As far as the firm itself is concerned, I found the open company culture at Oxyma and clear growth ambitions tremendously appealing.”

The current omni-channel projects are often accompanied by major changes within companies. It can be difficult to achieve success in these projects unless silo thinking is avoided. This is why process and organisational consultants are an important part of the team on such projects.

Karen Pot, consultant at Oxyma, says: “For both the brand and the employees, an omni-channel approach is a revolution – one might even speak of a culture shock, which is why ‘change management’ is a crucial part of the approach. I look forward to getting to work on this at Oxyma.”

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